Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Open the world of yoga and harmony for your body and mind

At Lotus Flow Yoga Studio, you will find a wide range of programs, classes and events to help you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of yoga and feel the connection between your body, mind and soul. Our team of experienced instructors offers a variety of yoga classes, meditation sessions, relaxation classes, and more to help you achieve harmony and health.

Let go of stress and anxiety with us

Asana Yoga

Unleash your flexibility and strength through physical yoga poses, strengthening your body and relaxing your mind.

Diet Yoga

Discover the power of healthy eating and yogic principles while improving your physical and emotional well-being through proper nutrition.


Find peace and presence in your inner world through meditation practice, developing focus and emotional calm.

Body Relaxation

Relax and revitalize your body through a variety of relaxation techniques, allowing yourself to rest and re-energize.

Nature Yoga

Immerse yourself in harmony with nature, combining yoga with a sense of calm and interaction with the environment.

Young Yoga

Help your child develop flexibility, strength and inner harmony through specially designed yoga practices for younger age groups.

Choose your suitable plans

Basic Plan

Get access to our full collection of yoga classes for all skill levels at an affordable price. Includes group classes, meditation, and relaxation sessions.

$ 40.00 / month

10 group classes
2 meditation sessions
Online support
Access to recordings for self-practice

Progression Plan

Expand your yoga practice with more flexibility and choice. Get access to all classes at our studio, including specialized programs and workshops.

$ 50.00 / month

Many group yoga classes
Participation in master classes
Monthly individual consultation
Access to video lessons for practicing at home

Individual Plan

This plan includes individualized classes specifically designed for your needs and goals for deeper personalized yoga development.

$ 60.00 / month

Personal training with an instructor
Individualized training program
Personalized advice
Setting up a personal yoga and meditation practice

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