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Find harmony and strength in the heart of the city

Professional yoga studio Lotus Flow Yoga unleashes your potential

Welcome to the Lotus Flow Yoga studio

We invite you on an exciting journey to inner peace and physical strength. The smell of fresh lotus blossoms, a warm atmosphere and our highly qualified instructors are waiting for you to help you find harmony and focus in modern life.

All about yoga, all the time

Experienced and dedicated instructors

Our Lotus Flow Yoga studio has a team of highly qualified instructors who have years of experience in teaching yoga. They know how to adapt their classes to different skill levels and needs of students.

A variety of programs and services

At Lotus Flow Yoga, we offer a variety of yoga classes, from beginner to advanced levels, as well as specialized classes for those who are injured or looking for a relaxation and breathing practice.

Community and cozy atmosphere

At Lotus Flow Yoga, you will feel like a part of a community that strives for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our studio creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and accepted.

Let go of stress and anxiety with us

Asana Yoga

Unleash your flexibility and strength through physical yoga poses, strengthening your body and relaxing your mind.

Diet Yoga

Discover the power of healthy eating and yogic principles while improving your physical and emotional well-being through proper nutrition.


Find peace and presence in your inner world through meditation practice, developing focus and emotional calm.

Body Relaxation

Relax and revitalize your body through a variety of relaxation techniques, allowing yourself to rest and re-energize.

Nature Yoga

Immerse yourself in harmony with nature, combining yoga with a sense of calm and interaction with the environment.

Young Yoga

Help your child develop flexibility, strength and inner harmony through specially designed yoga practices for younger age groups.


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We invite you to discover the new world of yoga

May you find peace, flexibility and strength in yoga that you can carry into your daily life. Achieve harmony and balance in your mind while maintaining the health of your body. Join us today and start your journey of personal transformation with Lotus Flow Yoga!
Super Offer

Get 2 weeks of free membership to Lotus Flow Yoga studio!

Come join us and enjoy two weeks of free access to all our yoga classes. Experience different styles of yoga, get personalized support from our experienced instructors and experience the benefits of yoga for your physical and emotional well-being.

Sweet review from our clients

"The classes at Lotus Flow Yoga exceeded my expectations! The instructors were professional, the atmosphere was cozy, and the classes were intense and varied. I felt stronger and more centered after each class."
"I was impressed with the quality of services at Lotus Flow Yoga. Thanks to their variety of classes, I found the perfect practice for my needs. It's a place where I can find peace, restore my energy, and get support from a wonderful community of yogis."
"Attending yoga classes at Lotus Flow Yoga was a transformative experience for me. With the help of their meditation techniques and focus, I found inner peace and balance. This studio is a real haven for my physical and emotional health."

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